Some people say writing is an art. They talk about creating a stunning piece with words as the paint, tone as the colour – and overused metaphors like these to add a bit of gloss to the whole. Personally, I like to think of writing as a very creative office job. Sure, a colourful vocabulary is a great attribute, but unfortunately, it isn’t all about stringing beautiful words together. A good piece of writing needs structure, the right tone, an appropriate vocabulary, a good balance between conciseness and details, and, I must admit, a nice font and some eye-catching pictures never hurt.

For me, the ultimate goal of writing is to pass on a message to readers, and to have that message linger in their minds for as long as possible. How I do that? That’s my secret. But I can do it for you if you like. I have contributed to several publications, both online and in print, and I work as translation copywriter for a broad range of agencies and clients on anything from one-liners to newsletters and full media campaigns. Feel free to browse, enjoy the read, and then decide if I can help you create some art. Or an article – take your pick.

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Copywriting mini site, campaign + product info. Bugaboo Wool Collection.
This campaign was lauded on the web at httpster.net.

“Anna Dello Russo doesn’t believe in casual Friday, or anything casual, really.”
The Hub Magazine. 1.4.11.
Renaissance Issue: p 104-5.

“Who would’ve thought Black Death is exactly what the doctor prescribed?”
PR Mock Paper. 30.6.10.
GP Advertising Agency

“Retailers have realised that ‘local community’ is not a euphemism for sweatshop.”
SomeThinkBlue Magazine.
Employment Issue. 1.12.10.

“Dutch gender equality permeates all of society, not just where it’s convenient.”
Eat that, Liz Jones. 4.4.11.
OBKEL – Personal blog.

“If you pay for a stamp and walk to a mailbox, why not make a real effort?”
No to Christmas Cards.
Dawdlr 2.0. 24.12.12.



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