I will break the bad news to you straight away: there is no such thing as the perfect translation.  Translating is more than just switching English words for their foreign counterparts and the other way around. Words that might seem like an exact match in another language, might have connotations or denotations that influence the meaning of the sentence or even the entire text. Therefore, as a translator, or transcreator, I must know as much about a country and its inhabitants as I know about its vocabulary.

Being a Dutch native now located in London, I literally have the best of both worlds, and am more than familiar with the possibilities and limitations of the English and Dutch language. I know it is difficult to translate Dutch words like ‘gezellig’ and ‘bitterballen’ or to convey the literary effect of a Cockney accent. Fortunately, in my dictionary, ‘difficult’ is not the same as ‘impossible’, and with my BA in English Language And Culture with Translation and my bilingual background, I am always up for the challenge of delivering the best translation possible. It might not be perfect, but it’s very, very close.

I translate, transcreate and edit English to Dutch as well as Dutch to English. I’ve specialised in headlines, campaigns, marketing copy and any other customer-facing communications like newsletters, catalogs and online shops. I work for a variety of clients in the fashion and retail market, health and beauty business and food and drink industry.

Agencies include: TAG: World Writers, JWT, Hogarth, Words in Translation, TextAppeal, EuroLondon, RR Donnelley, GP London, ADAPT (DE), Bureau Stoer (NL) and WARL. 

Clients include: Adidas, Apple, Barbie, Ballantines, de Bijenkorf, Blurb, Boots, Coca Cola, Colgate, COS, Esso, Google, Gucci, H&M, Hot Wheels, IWC Watches, Kelloggs, Levi’s, Lipton Ice Tea, Mattel, McArthurGlen, Monki, Nokia, & other stories, P&G, Palmolive, Philosophy, Reebok, Ricola, Selfridges, Skittles, Sony, Vodafone.

Below you will find some of the trancreation work I have done recently. Click on the images for the relevant website.

Coca Cola – Dutch language coach during commercial shoot and editing, assisting the director and editor.

H&M Netherlands
website and catalogue

H&M Netherlands
weekly newsletter

Adidas Netherlands
online shop and newsletter

Blurb Netherlands
website + customer service

Mattel Barbie Netherlands
tv commercials

Mattel Netherlands
tv commercials

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